Alexander Crompton

BikePoints with Albert Carter

We’ve allowed cars and car infrastructure to dominate our landscapes. Pedestrians, bicyclists, scooterers—we operate on the literal margins, hoping not to be struck down by a careless or distracted driver.

We move through life as if in a dream. A visitor from a more humane society would, laying eyes upon a contemporary street, react as is appropriate when confronted by too-muchness: with nausea.

I was delighted to work with activist Albert Carter to make a technical proof-of-concept for BikePoints, a project that would enable city planners to design and erect way-finding networks that guide bicyclists to safer, more established routes.1 These types of networks have enjoyed success in the Benelux. Read more about the project here.

1 Of course, technocratic solutions cannot save us, though they can (sometimes) make us safer. We must divest from car culture.

### (06 Nov 2020)