Alexander Crompton

TrancePose with Christine Sweeney

We live in an age of distraction, where attention is besieged and slain by algorithmically-curated pap. We have been pushed into the local minimum of some cultural n-space and are overwhelmed by the junk rolling atop us from all sides.

Les parois de ma vie sont lisses
Je m'y accroche, mais je glisse
Lentement... vers ma destinée...
Mourir d'aimer—

Could there be a shimmer of transcendence in the super-saturated blur of 1990s nighttime television? Maybe, maybe not—but our drive to find out might be the key to reclaiming the wonder of aura.

Berlin writer and producer Christine Sweeney invited me to participate in her audio curation project TrancePose: Physical Media Access as an Act of Curiosity, published this month in "Series 3.1: Tech, Tools, & Media" of Commonplace.

### (07 Jun 2023)